Face off....Would you consider it?

@maean_19 (4662)
November 27, 2007 12:24am CST
If you are asked and directed to have a face surgery or if someone would ask and pay you for a consideration that you would undergo surgery and exchange face and status, would you take it? Would your answer or mind will change if a celebrity would ask or request to exchange face with you? Who that celebrity might be? Would you consider it if the consideration is P 1 Million?
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2 Sep 08
Geneally speaking, I would rather keep my own face though it is not makes me a super star. I believe that keep it natural is a healthy way of living. But, in condition, I have to change to another face and the technique permits, I would like the face of Jet li.
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@mamasan34 (6521)
• United States
28 Nov 07
I don't know. I think I like my face the way it is. I know I could use some touch up, but I want to be me and my face is what helps identify me. So I guess that would be a no. Although, if I had to choose, I suppose I would choose Lucy Liu because she has such a friendly and beautiful face!
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@yanqiyao (146)
• China
28 Nov 07
I'll never have a face surgery,since i seriously doubt about the feasibility of the surgery, and the sequela from it. Not even that is the most beautiful face in the world. Just image when u were walking and someboby coming long scream and faint because he saw your face were falling off.
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@youless (93512)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Nov 07
No, I won't consider to have face off. I like my own face and I don't want to exchange it with anybody else, even if she is a movie star.
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