I Need Help.

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November 27, 2007 1:13am CST
Is it just me, or is Viva Pinata the most terribly addicting game ever? Seriously, it's like crack. My boyfriend and I actually fight over who gets to garden that night LOL...we've actually started playing, looked at the clock, and realized we'd been playing for almost 7 hours! It's insane. I can't stop!
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4 May 10
I love this game. Simple as that. I find myself doing stupid things, like getting upset when a sour gets to one of my pinatas and the doc doesn't get there in time. I'm currently playing Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, and have become even more involved than I was in the first one. I'm currently waiting for a blue bone to come out of the mine so I can get the Chocodolous :-) I'm level 48 and growing everyday! There's so much to do in the games, getting all the master romancer awards, all the variants, all the achievements, I love it!!! It's my birthday soon and I wanted to have a Viva Pinata them, more so I could have a Viva Pinata pinata, but they don't exist! I couldn't believe it!! There were a few horstachio pinatas given out at the game launch party, but that's it. It's ludicrous, surely there is a market for this? May email Rare later and pitch the idea :-P
• United States
16 Oct 08
I love this game, I need to get it back from my cousin. When I first saw Viva Oinata I didn't want any thing to do with the game. Then found it up a Wal Mart for liuke $20 so I picked it up, started to play it and got hooked. It reminded me so much of Animal Crossing for the Game Cube.