money - alot of money
November 27, 2007 3:57am CST
has anyone found money on the ground when walking on the street i have found $50 on the ground have you found any money and kept it or would you hand to the police let me know your thoughts
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@thuynhu (663)
• United States
27 Nov 07
i have found money before, but it was just ten dollars. and interesting enough, have you ever seen a little trash tornado? i know that sounds crazy but what i mean is when the wind blows and the trash on the ground goes swirling around like a tornado but it isn't a real one you know. but anyways that's where i found my ten. i kept it for myself because no one was around and i think its a little hard to go to the police and tell them about ten dollars, but if it was a large amount of money i would because someone probably really needs it, but i just don't really understand how someone would be able to go in a claim that money.
• Australia
27 Nov 07
hi there thuynhu yes i heard someone from my areafound a purse and it had $5,000 dollars init but she handed to the police nad the person who found it got some money for handing it over the owner of the purse gave her $1,000 for being honset and giving her the money back that was nice of the person to do that thanks for your response and happy discussion
@youless (93718)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Nov 07
You are so lucky. I have never found money on the ground:) I think I will keep it because I don't think I can find the one who lost it.
• Philippines
27 Nov 07
in the Phils, it's better to keep it or possibly give it back to the one who lost it... than giving it to the police :-) LOL
@aaidjs (1149)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
27 Nov 07
Hi again,when you find money and it is only $50 and you have no idea to whom they belong you can kept it!!Long time ago I founded about $30 in park near my house and I kept it because the park was empty and I haven't any idea how to find who lost it! See you and Regards Silvana