warrior princess,kicking butt,

United States
November 27, 2007 8:03am CST
i really miss the shows of women kicking butt,i mean we now have bionic women on nbc,but we really need more shows with women taking a stand for justice i wish they would bring gabrielle back in her own show called warrior amazon queen and just have xena spirit help assist gabrielle rebuild the amazon nation to keep everyday women find there inner strength. we need another show with butt kicking instead of all these reality shows. if any one knows robert tapert please forward this message to his wife lucy law and renee o'connor most of us want to see xena's sucessor rebuild the amazon nation, i know i would sit down for two or three hours just to watch xena and gabrielle movie teaching women to retain there inner most strengh there is two thirds more women in this world anyway we are still rising,in the man's world. if you missing out on women kicking butt every weekend like i do respond
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