which team do you think will win the final?

November 27, 2007 12:45pm CST
i think houston rockets will win the finals.if T-mac and Yao will play all the season with no hurt,they can take rockets win the final.it's times.
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• China
14 Mar 08
Well, actually, Rox win the final, that's what I wanna see as a solid Rox fan, but ,i;ma keep it real, Yao is out for the season, I have to say it's hard for the Rox now, Championship is still a question.. Spurs is still a great team, and Lakers is good ,too... As for this season's champion, I will choose one from these 2. We wait for next season with Yao and T-Mac both healthy on court...
• United States
1 Apr 08
I agree with u jakexjh they do got a chance this year but without yao its not goin to b easy even with him it wouldnt b easy but i mean u got muttumbo he avg. like 4 points a game if that and he dosent play for long and they put in chuck hayes off the bench i mean muttumbo is the shyt i love watchin him block people **waves finger** lol but u put in chuck hayes witch is alright but as a center dont think is a good choice but pretty much the only choice they got and yea they still holdin on im kinda excited to see wut happens and wutever happens im goin to be supportin them next season and so on.....LETS GO ROCKETS!!!
• China
11 Mar 08
i hope it's rockets,but maybe it's not the right time!
• China
28 Nov 07
I don't think so.New coach's ability need further consideration,and houston rocket is mostly to have the chance to conque the first game of playoffs.
@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
28 Nov 07
i think it is too early to tell which team will win in the nba finals. houston has a good chance of winning a title, but the west is loaded with powerhouse teams like dallas, phoenix, san antonio. likewise in the east, boston is an early favorite to enter the finals and probably win the championship. after 12 games, boston is leading with only one loss. but my bet is on new jersey nets. i think they will do better this year.