Super Tuesday on MSNBC...Let's Talk Politics!

@anniepa (27238)
United States
November 27, 2007 1:11pm CST
I'm listening to/watching MSNBC's Super Tuesday political coverage as I post here, trying to get some new ideas for posts as well as keep up on the latest campaign news. So, here are some random thoughts; feel free to add your comments. How do you feel about this back and forth "sparring" between Hillary and Obama about who has the most foreign policy experience? Isn't everyone ignoring two candidates with tons of experience, Joe biden and Chris Dodd? I mean, money is everything, or so it seems, so I'm afraid the best candidates are going to left out in the cold. Random thought #2 - It was just announced that Barbra Streisand has endorsed Hillary Clinton; is anybody surprised? Does anybody care? I'm not putting anyone down, I think a celebrity has every right to give their opinions just as the rest of us do. I guess it's not THEIR fault that they're famous and we're not. I'll be back with more random thoughts as Super Tuesday goes along! Annie
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@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
27 Nov 07
I suppose the sparring between Obama and Clinton is no different than the sparring between Guliani and Romney. It just comes with the territory. It was probably no different 100 or even 200 years ago, in any nation. this is gonna suprise you but I actualy like joe biden. At least his manner and plain spoken way of dealing with things. i like that he can answer a yes or no question without giving a 20 minute disertation that doesn't even in the end include the words yes or no. i don't nessesarily agrea with him ideoligicaly on most issues but he's a decent guy. As far as celebrity endorsements, *psh* big deal. I doubt they have much influence when it comes down to actual votes, unless your a young uninformed sheep who gets your political news from MTV and speaches from rosie o'donnel. Again, been part of the political games since politics and celebrities discovered each other, it's nothing more than an orniment and an opertunity for an air-headed celebrity to pretend they know something about world politics and a politician to pretend they know something about mass appeal. From what I see on the whole, both major parties are comming undone at the seams and it is going to leave a huge opertnity for an independant to either steal votes and influnce the elections towards on side or the other or even out right WIN the election for the independant.
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