World Series that's never happened

United States
November 27, 2007 3:55pm CST
I've heard many types have happened. We've had our Sub Way Series for example and also the California Series. I should say a couple have actually happened. I'm sure there has been a Windy City World Series with Chicago against Chicago. I don't believe we've ever had an All Ohio World Series. We've had the Indians and Reds play in Interleague play but never for the championship. Would this series be watched and do you think it could be competitive? The last 4 World Series matchups have almost ended just like that and no excitment. One thing I think is missing in the World Series is that excitment and competitive spirit. I'm not taking anything away from the teams that won it but just saying that it hasn't been that competitive lately and have ended rather short and simple. Is it due to lack of effort on the opposition? It sure seems to like they just roll over and don't bother playing at all. Boston easily just knocked their opponents out when they won it in 2004 and just this year alone. It just seemed too easy and more of Boston having effort and the other teams not putting any in. Maybe it's a simple fact that the other teams are just pretenders? I really don't know what the reason behind that is. Maybe it's also a fact that cockiness is getting involved? I couldn't say one way or the other. If that's the case, no wonder those World Series are ending so easily? What would you like to see happen in next year's World Series? I'd like to see Cleveland win it but I want it to be competitive and not end just like that. It just doesn't that excitment feel if it ends just like that.
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