I have 2000 USD in mutual funds but I will add 1k or more monthly next year.

November 28, 2007 2:44am CST
I am 17 and I want to earn more money later on in life. I don't want to be covered in debt or even have any kind of debt. So, I started out with a mutual fund account with amount of 2k+ USD 5 months ago here in my country and I am planning to add 1k+ or more USD monthly starting January next year. I sacrifice now so that later in life, I will take the fruits of my labor. Besides the trust funds in my country, I also have trust funds in the US. I don't buy new moblie phones, PS3, Ipods, etc.... They depreciate a lot anyway... AM I ON THE RIGHT TRACK? I plan to enter real estate later in life by building hotels and some businesses too. IS THERE A CHANCE THAT I CAN BE LIKE DONALD TRUMP OR SOME OTHER GREAT PERSON? I know a senator in our country who was VERY POOR when he was a child but ended up with 950 Million USD in his pockets today... Oh, besides the mutual funds, I have savings account also here in my country and abroad. I don't plan to withdraw in any of them soon. I will only add.
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