@april444 (1341)
United States
October 28, 2006 9:51pm CST
Do you belive in raising your children with good quality morals and why? What moral values are most important to you?
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@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
1 Nov 06
I believe very strongly that children should be raised and taught good moral values from a very young age. The primary responsibility for teaching/instilling these values in your child is the parents, although teachers will make some contribution, simply due to the great influence they have on children. 1. Respect for others, including parents 2. Self-respect 3. Generosity, including in nature and spirit 4. Honesty at all times 5. Integrity 6. Hard Work 7. Kindness 8. Hear what is being said and not just listen 9. Understanding of others less fortunate 10. Genuineness 11. Discipline 12. Good habits 13. Belief in God 14. Patriotism, without being fanatical 15. Make friends with a variety of people 16. Religions and racial tolerance 17. Independance 18. Do and be the very best you can do 19. Finish what you start, i.e. committment 20. Make your own decisions, and if you do the wrong thing then always apologise and make sure it doesn't happen again. We tried to teach our son these things through example and we are very happy with what he has become, a loving and independant adult who seems to have all the traits that we wanted him to have.
@dollbaby (595)
• United States
1 Nov 06
Yes, very much so. I want my children to be honest and considerate of others. Of course, there are many values that I hope to instill in them, but these two are most important to me.