My favorite Coffee cup?

Coffee cup - My favorite coffee cup
@anetteh (3591)
November 28, 2007 9:54am CST
I for one do not like to drink my coffee in small cups. I want a bug cup. I think the coffee tend to be cold in small cups. I like my coffee hot and therefore I have a big cup and I take a lot at the same time. I have small cups to, but only use them when I get friends over. What about you, do you care how you drink your coffee?
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@Nykkee (2523)
• Canada
28 Nov 07
Aww that makes me sad. I used ot have a favorite coffee cup with a matching spoon with a porceline handle that my sister had given me for Christmas one year but the last place I lives before we bought our house had tile flooring in the kitchen and they got dropped and shattered on the hard floor. We have vinyl cushion floor in out house now so things don't shatter if they fall here. I wish I still had my mug. :(
@anetteh (3591)
• Sweden
29 Nov 07
Could you not find that mug again?. It´s sad when the favorite things drops and brake in to pieces. I have one, only one and dishes this one every evening to be clean for the next day. My son let me know last night about my Christmas present. HM:...he has trouble to keep secrets. Well, the kids are going to take picture of them together and put that on a mug for me. I believe I have to get use to a new favorite coffee mug, however I will bring this one to work for use.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
28 Nov 07
I am the opposite with my cup of tea, most people use mugs these days and for me tea does not taste the same in a big heavy mug so I was at a warehouse the other day and they had a set of small mugs, tea cup side and not of a heavy type and the price wasn't bad, box of 4 for $2.40...not bad I say....
@peanutjar (5211)
• Canada
28 Nov 07
Yes!!!I most definitly have 3 favorite coffee cups,haha.If one is dirty i reach for the other and no-one tends to use/take them but me.I love drinking coffee in one especially because it is small but very thick and keeps the coffee warmer longer and fits good in my small hand/fingers,haha.They are antique coffee cups that i have found at yard-sales and love them to bits. Peanutjar:)