Is it better to study abroad than home?

November 28, 2007 10:16am CST
With the development of the world economy,many youth go abroad to further their education.However not everyone can find a good job when coming back home.They would think it is not worthy having studied abroad.Though so ,many people still want to go abroad.If you can afford to studying abroad ,how would you make choice?
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@pinklilly (3446)
• Australia
3 Dec 07
Many come here to Australia. We have had students from china stay with us, while they study in our schools... It would be a great oppotunity to study abroad, but as you say it doesn't always garantee you a job when you return home... It would benefit you still I think though and maybe people may have better luck if they stay in that country...
• China
3 Dec 07
That is what I am concerning.thank you for your response.though i donot agree going abroad to study without prudence,i will do that when i can pay that.sometimes we only concentrate on what is no you think so?
@yueyzhqd (47)
• China
1 Dec 07
I do not know what is my choice! I was educated at my own country, and luckly I have a job which I think is not bad. a few of my high school calssmate go abroad. But they are in different condition. some of them go abroad because they can have a better education there, but the others had to go abroad because they will not take farther education. Now, several years past, some of them came back, We talk about the differences between country and abroad. We have different experience, but we have commen heart that we love our life! It is great!
• China
2 Dec 07
I think you are audlt now.What you said is what i want to say.Maybe many years later, there will not be difference between home and abroad.and then you can go where you want,and get education you want.However,even though we go abroad to study,we must hold on to one point:i love my hometown.
• United States
28 Nov 07
I think certificate from foreign College or University get more value than the certificate you will get studying in own country.
• China
30 Nov 07
where are you from?however ,if you have suffient money,go as your wish!