what is the thing that girls look for in guys?

November 29, 2007 5:15am CST
There has been long debates of what guys like about girls but wgat is the actual thing a girl look for in a guy?
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• United States
30 Nov 07
i completely agree with the person above me. when i look for who i want to be with they have to have a sense of humor! it's a major thing for me. i can not have a man who's serious all of the time. then i need a guy who's open-minded, caring, passionate, out going, fun, the list goes on. also one that i can trust - that's a big thing. so don't lie. it's simple, ha.
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
4 Dec 07
Its not always simple. ... ... But your answer is a bit reassuring.
• United States
14 Dec 07
i personally think that i am attracted to childish, funny, sweethearts. and red hair! ;]
• China
9 Dec 07
it is hard to say.beautiful and handsome or a spcial felling?i do not know.i love her only with a spcial feeling.
@Malyck (3428)
• Australia
7 Dec 07
I think the first comment was spot on. Communication, trust, charisma, personality, humour and honesty are the main traits that a female looks for in a guy (or girl). Someone that they can spend time with as well as being physically attracted to.
• United States
29 Nov 07
Girls look for honesty, trust, commmunication, passion, charisma, they want a guy who knows how to cuddle, be romantic, and likes to have fun, usually holding hands in public showing a little flirty side. What they do not want is an abusive demanding obssessive jerk who tries to run their life.