Did you experience taking the audition exam of 1 vs 100?

@emilyn (49)
November 29, 2007 8:56am CST
2 weeks ago, i received a SMS informing me to attend the qualifying exam to become a MOB contestant for the game show 1 vs 100. It was scheduled November 19 10AM @ ABS CBN compound. I was very excited to attend the audition, hoping i will be chose as 1 of the 100 MOB. When I arrive @ ABS CBN, i was surprised that there were about 700+ aspiring to be a MOB contestants. It was divided into 2 batches. I was on the second batch, because I arrived 10AM. Hmm, it was a thrilling experience for me. It's my first time to join/audition as game show contestant. At 2PM, we were able to enter a studio where we're going to take the test. It was a 30-item test. 10 Identification and 20 Multiple Choice. And FYI, it was a hard one. You have to answer it in 6 minutes. The test was consist of general info, science, literature, food and other areas. In short, it has wide coverage and difficult. After the test, i already presume I can't make it. While waiting for the result, the host entertained us well. I like him, so funny... And as he started calling the names of those who passed the test. At first, he called mostly boys where we feel among girls, males on our batch are really good. Then he called 1 girl, and so happy to hear my name was called. After that, we were instructed to go outside, fill out another questionaire. Some personal views, and answerable thru essay type. Well, it was a nice experience. The in-charge said, we just wait the email if we will be scheduled for the taping. Anyone who experience the same as mine? Please share your experience.
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