Teleological Approach To Personality

November 29, 2007 11:21am CST
Hey, who are psychology majors here? hmmn...just want to share this local theory I have written last's a personality theory about filipino people... In a relativist point of view, personality development varies from culture to culture, from place to place. So does the development of a unique Filipino personality. On the other hand, the Teleological Approach is in ieu of universalism. Personality development is greatly correlated with consequentialism( individuals are consquentialists in nature). Consequences motivate individuals to change or alter their attitudes. This is because people in general are goal-oriented. They always expect reciprocation and consequences. This approach can be used as another spectrum in viewing Filipino personality as a whole. This is because their consequence-oriented personality can be attributed to the fact that 83% of the them are Roman Catholics. It is noted that religion is a vital influence to people’s lives. And it is the religion that affirms consequentialism (wherein it teaches the people to do good so that they will be blessed in return, doing the other way means hell and the likes). Its influence to the people affects the intensity of consequentialism as a prime motivating factor in personality development. But we have to take into consideration that religion is just a contributing factor. Consequentialism alone is a very important variable in studying personality. Here, we can conclude that the concept of consequentialism is universal. Ehmmmn...hope i can hear some feedbacks from fellow psych majors...
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