why does it take so long to lock up a child abuser?

@lbinkley (1078)
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November 29, 2007 7:22pm CST
Serious question here. A couple in my area have just been arrested for this. Their son died in 2006. He had traces of sleeping pills in his system and 13 broken ribs. 7 weeks old. Well I had heard that they were trying to say that he died of SIDS. I know there was more to this case, but what I really want to know is this.. Does anyone know WHY, with all of the evidence, and they have admitted to a lot of this, are they just now getting in trouble for this almost 2 years later? Especially when an innocent life was taken! It's MURDER!
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30 Nov 07
Okay you know how I feel about this subject. Im soo angry about this that I wrote the Wood TV 8 in our area and asked about it. Im still waiting for a response back. I know for a fact that they do autopsies on and child and infant deaths, because children dont just die most of the time. Yes there is SIDS, but autopsies are still done withinn the first days to the first week. Im soo disgruntled by this for the fact that if they are just now getting arrested...How many more people are out there that have done this or similar that my children are around?
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@lbinkley (1078)
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1 Dec 07
Exactly, you just never know what kind of freaks are out there! I mean really! I am just so angry that they have gone this long without any consequences.. and now they are only "considering" murder charges... not actually set on that yet. If they get away with this I will completely lose all faith in the legal system! Not that I have much now anyway!