Boss's car run over,two baby dogs died

November 29, 2007 10:12pm CST
We cannot see the lovely baby dogs in the courtyard now...One of my colleague cried that day when the accident happened... 1 month ago,four baby dogs were borned in the corner of courtyard,their monther was very hard and weakness at that time.But she cannot suckle them.Unfortunately,two of them were dead the next day.Maybe they were too hungry,maybe they were too weakness when they came out of the boby of their monther,One of my colleague bought milk,hoping can feed the other two babies well.We looked after them,ever happily play with them.20 days later,the kids can run,can jump...We run,they follow our steps...Also,they were fond of the grass and fllower very much,but the red fllower die of their bite, I am sure the fllower would very hate them. But the days before yesterday,our boss's car run over their bodies in the deep dark,when they were happily play with each other in the park,outside of garden.The blood come out of their bodies. Who can response to this accident?The boss?The feeder?The friend who always play with them outside? I don't know,but many of us are sad now.Because we cannot see the fat kids from now on.Now when I pass by the garden, I always remember that they play happily there ever.
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