Buying from places like chrisco,castle hampers and hamper king

@garnet80 (354)
November 30, 2007 4:38pm CST
Every year I buy hampers from chrisco. It saves having to go shopping for groceries as much around Christmas and you pay a bit of money of your order each week or fornight etc. When it arrives in November it feels like Christmas has come early when unpacking. A friend of mine told me I shouldn't buy it. they said that all the food comes from one town and that town makes a heap of money off it and the town we live in loses out as we have bought stuff elsewhere. I don't understand their reasoning as there are many different brands that come in the hampers. And I'm pretty sure that not all brands come from the one town. Factories are all over the country. so as far as I'm concerned the food etc comes from all over the county. Is my friend right or just talking hog wash? I'm still going to get my hampers. I hope I explained myself ok in this discussion. I wasn't sure how to write it up.
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