My bad exprience in a local western union agency

United States
November 30, 2007 11:07pm CST
Because I am a foreigner working in the USA, I plan to send some my money to my home country. Then I started to be fooled by a local western union anency over and over. I wonder why this kind of anency are qualified to do the western union business. At first, they told me I could send whatever money I want one time from their agency, like 20,000$ 0r 30,000$. They seemed very serious to check their computor and told me how much the transfer fee was. Then I started to save my money, and even transfered my husband's money to my account to obtain 10,000$. Two weeks later, I went to their desk again and this time they told me that one person 5,000$ one time only. I hesitated because if send two times, the transfer fee would be doubled. Then I tried to call the west union and they told me that their maximum is 20,000$ one time one person and recommended other agencies. But we went to those agencies and ended up with failure because they all could not transfer so much one time. Then I decided to just transfer as two times, because I could not afford the time we costed to find a proper agency. They always told us false information. Then we returned to the first agency near our home and planed to transfer two times, one by me and one by my husbands. They agreed to do so and let us fill the transfer forms, checking our ID and such kind of things. Over half an hour later, almost every things were be done except for paying the money. My debit cards could not pay out so much money in one day. As a foreigner I didn't know that, but as a money transfer angency, why didn't know that either? Then I had to give up this time. Then I made appointment with my bank and finally got all the cash out a few days later. Then I went to the same angency again, but this time they told me that we were not allowed to send to a same person, even the senders are different. I feeled very angry and didn't know why they just changed their rules so quickly. They just explained they made mistakes before. But I just could not afford the time I spend on this then We decided to send to different persons, although it will be in much trouble for my relatives to recieve the money. But they still refused, claiming that we were not allowed to sent money to a same place in the same day. I thought that was ridiculous and kept asking why. They just shut up about that and insisted that was their policy but could not specified what kind of policy. I feeled that it seems they always made fun of us. Almost one month passed from the first day we asked for information in their desk, I still could send my money out. If they didn't fool us in the beginning, I just needed to send a check to my home and my family would have received my money right now.
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