Does anyone of you play or wish to play badminton?

people playing badminton - badminton players are competing for each other
@riveream (111)
December 1, 2007 7:24am CST
I just want to know if anyone here on mylot plays or wish to play badminton. I, for one, knows how to play badminton. I tried out badminton when I was in grade 4. Then, I passed. From then on, I play badminton. I am not on a varsity because my parents do not want me to join or to be a member of the badminton varsity. How about you? Do you play badminton? Or you just wish to play badminton but do not how? Why not try to play badminton first with your friends. That is my first advice to those who wish to play badminton but do not know how. Badminton is the very easiest of all the sports that I have ever learned. And besides, it will keep you healthy.
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• Philippines
3 Dec 07
hey i play badminton too. yup it's one of those easiest sports i know... but i haven't played that game anymore since two years ago when i got so busy with work :-( hope i can find time to play badminton soon :-)
• China
3 Dec 07
hi, riveream,nice to meet you . you are right.Badminton is my favroite sports, and i often play it,i like playing,it lets have a good and active feeling,you will get more after playing every time.and if there are many people,it will more you think ?
1 Dec 07
I'd like play badminton with my best friends.I often play it during my holidays or winter vacation .