United States
December 1, 2007 2:13pm CST
iam the one who is supporting the revenge of avril against hilton wat about u?
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• India
8 Apr 08
AVril Oh man...shez d best singer... n attitude wise she rockz... shez mah idol...n every stubborn gurl iz er idol.. in her old albumz each n every song is related to a girlz real world...jus luv her.. but...dunno wht happened to her now -_- Best damn thing! me itz all abt her...
• United States
10 Apr 08
thanks for the affirmative comment.... what happened to her?
@shahmeerx (368)
• Pakistan
3 Dec 07
i support lavingne ,hilton spends most of her time in jail and avrils pretty much more succesful in my thoughts
• United States
4 Dec 07
hey iam not concern about Paris Hilton, it is Perez Hilton if you r real supporter of Avril then you must be knowing the revenge case of Avril against Perez Hilton which was appreciative........
@micamyx (916)
• Philippines
2 Dec 07
what happened? sorry i am not updated about this issue
• United States
2 Dec 07
a certain blogger-turned tv host has rudely given firing shots and has passed some nasty comments on Avril Lavigne which was irresistable.Perez Hilton has tken shots at the "sk8er Boi"singer on his website.. and she's not gonna take it anymore... she has a site of her own which opens with a video clip of herself welcoming visitors and a declaration of war "this is my revenge to Perez Hilton" ..i really appreciate her of this kind of act..... so what do u think? anyways thanks for responding me.... i'd just activated my account to this site recently....
@megumiart (3781)
• United States
2 Dec 07
I love some of Avril's songs, but I hate her. I'm on Perez's side.
• United States
2 Dec 07
this realy doesn't matter to me as different people have different views... but i really appreciate her revenge taking act which was true
10 Jul 08
I'm probably more in favour of supporting Avril Lavigne. Perez Hilton seems to be only famous for making sniping comments at other celebrities. Anyone noticed he doesn't like it when he's given a taste of his own medicine?
@usaction (651)
• United States
23 Jan 08
Is there really any question? Avrill's hot, she actually has talent, and I want her to "smack that b**ch up!" Go Avril. Beat Paris down like the b**ch she is, and then use her as a rug! (:{
@dark_joev (3043)
• United States
22 Dec 07
I support Avirl. I also think that it is happening online or has she said things about it in real life too havent really been following one of my friends showed me the website but that is it