Suing my former school

United States
December 2, 2007 8:30am CST
Okay so I had set up a few payments with Sallie Mae because they were telling me I was close to defaulting on my loans. I tried to cancel them but they wouldn't cancel them so long story short our bank account is overdrawn. At this point I am P.O. so I sstart thinking. The school I went to (reason I owe them so much) never even gave me my degree as promised. So now I am pursuing legal action. I spoke with a lawyer and he advised me to obtain all the documents I had signed when I enrolled and to figure out what part of my sallie mae and AES loans wer from that school so we can file a suit for breach of contract. I will post another discussion with this whole story. My hope is that I just won't be liable for those loans because there's no way I can pay them.
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