I've lost a lot of weight, but now I'm not able to stay on a diet continuously.

@opinione (749)
December 2, 2007 6:54pm CST
... and I'm afraid to regain weight. I know I should pay attention to my dietary intake but I simply can't in this period (Xmas hunger?)... what to do? I'm just awaiting this 'casual' period to pass. Let's hope.
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4 Dec 07
Well...yes you can. You can look at the holiday spread and choose a little bit more of something healthy and only one serving instead of 5 of grandma's pie. It is not too hard because often people bring a variety of foods to a holiday gathering. Also, what you can do - if you are eating more, drink more water and get more excerise to balance it out. When you go to the mall, park at the entrance that is not near the store you want to go to and walk the length of the mall. See if you can get involved with a winter sport. Accept invites to go Christmas Carolling around the neighborhoods. Pull a kid in a sled. Start a snowball fight. Walk the dog of an older neighbor - maybe they can take care of their dog well but are afraid to break a hip slipping on the slush or ice and you are younger and more agile. There are plenty of ways to up the calorie burning when your calories are up.
• India
3 Dec 07
Hello opinione, Ebrace progress, but be cautious. If you are in the midst of a crisis at home(Xmas hunger), switch to a new diabetes-management-routine such as changing the way of eating right from to-day, Check your sugar and if you are satisfied stick until Xmas and come back to your old practise after that. This will not only give you a change from routine, but also gives freshness. Good Luck.
• United States
3 Dec 07
How did you lose the weight. Was it a special diet? If so, can you stay on it?
@alamode (3073)
• United States
3 Dec 07
Do the 'spoonful' trick... it works for both Hun and me... you are allowed one spoonful of everything, and one slice of meat. Don't use the big serving spoons, use a standard tablespoon from the silverware drawer. That way, you can taste everything, and you aren't piling a lot onto your plate that you feel you 'have' to eat. Now isn't the time to undo all the good you've done... don't risk your life for a few bites. Take good care of yourself!