Need help with meringue cookies

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
December 2, 2007 7:27pm CST
Can anyone give some tips - I have a horrible time getting these cookies baked right. I know humidity is a problem but now in the winter, don't have much of that. But my problem is that I watch the stiffness as I whip them up and I think I have it right, but once baked, they are hollow inside and the rest is VERY chewy . Anyone got any tips that could help me? I love this cookie and they are lower in cals than many (just the sugar added) and also, do you use cream of tartar in them? I'd heard about that, but never seen it in a recipe. Thanks so much for any help getting a fav or mine to cooperate!
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@draconess (651)
• Canada
13 Dec 07
Meringues are one of my favourite cookies, but they can be tricky- the recipe I usually use does have a bit of cream of tartar. I think it's important to beat the egg whites until stiff before adding the sugar, and then once all of the sugar has gradually been beaten in make sure you get good stiff peaks. Also make sure the oven is at the right temp and that you cook them long enough. The recipe that usually turns out the best for me is called 'forgotten cookies' or something, because after you bake them you leave them in the oven to cool slowly overnight, it seems to help them stay crisp and not chewy. Hope some of that helps!
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
13 Dec 07
Thanks so much. I will try your suggestiosn. I do seem to remember something about them in the oven over night - must have beeen the recipe I lost! But I'll be trying them next week! Thanks!