im pReGnAnt????

@nhelyma (181)
December 2, 2007 9:56pm CST
helo.....i just want to seek advice .... i dont know if im pregnant or wat...but if ever im positive i dont know how am i going to tell my parents anout not yet ready to get married....also we dont have money for a church or even civil wedding...... how am i going to face this 21 yrs old and my boyfriend is 22 .... plz give me a piece of adnice.... thanks....
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@diillu (5128)
3 Dec 07
As you told that you have alot financial problems and apart from that you are too young to have a child. So, right now the only ultimate way for you is to get an abortion. I don't want to be rude but you are too young and bringing the child that you don't want might get you in more trouble in future then you are really in right now. So, you have to make a real good descision.