Cat Drinking Christmas Tree Water......How Do I Stop It???

@Nykkee (2524)
December 3, 2007 12:58pm CST
Cat In Christmas Tree - This is a picture of a cat in a Christmas tree.
Every year we have the same problem. We go out and get a Christmas tree and we set it up and as soon as we fill the tray with water the cat is at it. I don't understand this because there is always at least one dish of actual drinking water available to him. I worry that the dirt or whatever else in the water from the tree or the metal stand will make him sick. Plus i just find it really gross that he would choose to drink dirty water instead of water from his water dish. I have tried covering the tree stand base with a cloth but he just pushes the cloth down into the water and gets at it anyhow and all it does it make more of a mess, haveing the cloth there. Does anyone else have this problem with thier cat? Or do you have this problem with a dog? (My dog leaves it alone) What do you do to keep them away? Would it hurt my Christmas tree if I put vinager or pepper or something in the water so the cat wouldn't want to drink it?