What's the difference between cream, lotion and emulsion?

December 3, 2007 10:54pm CST
I was shopping for some skin care products the other day and was a little confused about the terms used. What's the difference between cream, lotion and emulsions?
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• Malaysia
29 Jul 10
emulsion is the same with cream..but the texture of emulsion is lighter than cream and is suitable for oily skin type..it is also more suitable to use on day while cream is more suitable to use at night to moisturise the skin and to prevent loss of moisture when we sleep..u can use emulsion and then cream if u have dry skin.. lotion is thicker than emulsion but thinner than cream..u can use lotion for warmer season and cream is for cooler season or at night..so if u have very oily skin, u can use either lotion or emulsion and if u have dry skin, u should use cream instead of lotion oe emulsion except the series u buy is hydrating one!