Would this help you to decide?

@chrislotz (8203)
December 4, 2007 7:59am CST
I just heard an advertisement on the radio that if you buy a car from this certian dealership that if you buy a brand new car from now till December 5 you could win $10,000.00 of your money back if it snows on December 12. Your name would go into a draw and they are drawing 5 names that will get this money if it snows. Would this encourage you to buy a $30,000 or more car from them just for a chance to get your name in the draw. I can't believe this ad would work. I certainly wouldn't buy one just for that reason. I guess if your looking to buy one anyways, okay. But if your not thinking of buying that make of a car, would it influence your decision? Not me. How about you?
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