How do you cure a VIDEO GAME ADDICT??

United States
December 4, 2007 1:46pm CST
My boyfriend and son are both there anyway to cure it??? Im about to take the power cord when i leave for work so the boyfriend can start doing things around the lol and stop with all the game play. Anyone else out there know how to deal with an addict?? I hear the new x box has control for that you can actually set them up with a time limit WHICH WILL BE WONDERFUL!!!! HAHAHAHAAHA. Thanks for any and all advice.
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@buwald (271)
• Netherlands
14 Dec 07
I think that telling them to stop being entirely addicted to gaming, it could help. but in the worst case (i.e they neglect the other parts of live, like eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom). there is always the game-addiction clinic. I heard they have these kind of clinics in Amerika, and even here in Amsterdam. However, this is a real harsh method, as the success means never playing any game again whatsoever. You could always try to talk to them about it, though. i hope this helps.
@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
6 Dec 07
this is a very hard battle to conquer. I have almost conquered it. I have kept myself busy with other fun things, so thats how I decide I didn't need my Playstation2 I had. I sold that. Know I have a nintendo ds and I have sold all my games but 2 and I am learning not to play them much and acutally am thinking about selling it, and all my accessories. now I am thinking the only video game machine I would like some day when I can afford it is get me a nintendo wii , so I can have fun and get my exercise in. So my advice is find other things you enjoy and stop playing video games and eventually you'll net miss them and want to sell your games and machine or machines. I have a few computer games I have been addicted for years and I am still decideing should I sell my sims2 games on or play them once in awhile. So I am still adictted to playing games but I want to break the habbit its just takes time.