How many people have actually raised raccoons??

United States
December 4, 2007 1:59pm CST
Being a small town country girl i have raised lots of raccoons. When i was younger in my teen years it was my job to bring animals back to health if they were runts, sick etc. Many times my dad would be hunting or tearing down old houses and run into baby raccoons and he would always bring them home to me so i could get them on their feet and back to the wild. Many of the raccoons that i took care of once they matured would wander off on their own and i never had to worry about them however one time i had a raccoon that wouldnt mature for whatever reason her name was bandit she just became part of the family. She was bottle fed and i took care of her all thru my junior year of school she was like my child she would set on my lap when i would drive and i would take her almost everywhere i went. My dad used to mow lawns and he would take her with him and she would play in the ponds and lakes or lagoons until he was done mowing and then he would say "ok im leaving" and she would hussle back to the vehicle to go home. We had her for over a year she was huge when she was smaller she would wrestle and play with our pugs but then when she got to big we had to let her play with the labs outside because we didnt want her to hurt the pugs. She was so huge it was hard to keep her fed she would eat a dozen eggs a bag of m and m's and a dozen donuts for breakfast then in an hour or two needed a snack then another big lunch she ate so much it was unreal. one day while at the lagoon my dads lawnmower broke down and bandit was playing with the geese at the lagoon. bandit stuck around and helped my dad fix the mower and then took off to play with the geese again when my dad yelled "ok im leaving" she just looked at him and then took off into the forrest. My dad warned her again "ok im leaving" and waited but she didnt come back. It was her time she had finally matured and finally understood it was her time to live....I miss her alot but its part of life you do things for a purpose you learn everyday everyone and everything has a lifecycle EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.
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