Will you have kris kringle?

December 4, 2007 11:09pm CST
Christmas is fun! And one event that makes christmas fun for me is our kris kringles! We print our code names in pieces of paper and roll them up.. then each of us have to draw / pick one piece and the name written on the paper we picked will be the "special person" to whom we'll give a christmas gift.. It's funny because first of all, we use codes/nicknames which are really weird so that others will not know our identities. And it's really up to us, what kind of gift we will have to give to our "special person". :-) Also, every week, we decide on the "little somethings" we have to give to our "special persons".. Like for example, this week we have to give something cute, then next week, we have to give something smelly, then next, next week something long and soft..those types. And we really get excited on whatever unexpected things we'll receive every week! Its fun! So, do you also have this kind of fun at work or at home this christmas season? Do share your funny activities! :-)