Do you think it is possible to make cockroaches as a pet??/

cockroaches - a pet would you like tooo
December 5, 2007 10:07pm CST
This topic might be a little bit gross, but one of my officemate has watch it in a morning show that some people make cockroaches as their pet, what do you think?? Can you do this??to take care of a cockroach.
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@Chevee (5915)
• United States
25 Aug 08
I wouldn't want a cockroach as a pet, he might get loose and meet a female cockroach and then I will have a mess of little cockroaches all over the place. And they might get into the boric acid I have down for roaches.
@sk66rc (4261)
• United States
25 Aug 08
Ummm... Ok... I'm pretty sure I'm taking care of few cockroaches without evening meaning to or making them my pets but hey, whatever floats their boat... I guess everybody's definition of a "pet" is different... I know few people who have ant farms... I myself had one as a kid & everyday for about a year, I remember coming home to see how they're doing... I guess those little ants were my pet at the time... It does seem little weird having cockroaches as pets...
• Philippines
20 May 08
pets can be anything under the sun! some people can last with having an almost immobile iguana as a pet .. or a snake... or a tiger... cockroaches are the same. you just have to see something fascinating about the cockroach and you'll enjoy having it as a pet...
@chaigay20 (166)
• Philippines
15 May 08
i could never imagine myself feeding and "taking care" of that's the most ugliest/dirtiest life form on earth. =)
@zweeb82 (5713)
• Malaysia
14 Apr 08
In my humble must be out of his mind to keep a cockroach as a pet?!!?!? It's one of the most disgusting life forms on earth!~
@eagle_f15 (2054)
• Malaysia
14 Apr 08
Cockroach as a pet ???? No way...dirty smelly creatures created for foodchain
• Australia
21 Jan 08
not a chance!! That is the most discusting thought that has ever crossed my mind. We're having a bit of a cockroach problem at the moment and they are aweful! I can't stand the sound they make or that you could turn around and one is looking straight at you!
• Philippines
17 Jan 08
will for me,, the cockroahes are not able to be a pet, because for me, this is a dirty insect that i am known, and how we can care of this kind of we can feed of them?
@ericajoyce (1748)
• Philippines
11 Jan 08
Hello tines2512. I dont think I could do that. Im terrified of roaches.
@SukiSmiles (1998)
• United States
5 Jan 08
I've seen them as pets before - but for me - no thanks!
26 Dec 07
I think that it must be possible just like keeping an ant farm or fish in a tank, but the real question should be why on earth anybody would want to uuuggghh!
@larflu (19)
• United States
10 Dec 07
well most people who have roaches as pets are using the large exotic species...just distant cousins to the roaches that we are disgusted by seeing run across a counter as we order a lunchtime burger.
@mizrak07 (557)
• Philippines
6 Dec 07
No, never... I hate cockroaches my immediate reaction when I see one is kill it.
@ravibabli (1558)
• India
6 Dec 07
Dear it's a bit difficult but not umpossible. Because I think love is most power and if you can do love than you can do anything. So if you provide love to cockroach then difinitely he can make your friends(pet)
@peanutjar (5211)
• Canada
6 Dec 07
Hahaha,yes ive seen it before.I really dont know why though,i couldnt hold one in my hand.It would have to stay in its little plastic enclosed cage all the time for me.They gross me out too much,haha. Peanutjar:)