Do you think any PTP site can match Mylot in terms of quality ?

@subha12 (18453)
December 5, 2007 10:42pm CST
Actually my idea is there is no site that can match mylot in quality of the discussion, the quality of this site itself and the features here. It is so collourful, yet so simple to use. There are so many categories to start discussions and also you can start general discussions. But i find no one like mylot. Also mylot pays for sure.
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
6 Dec 07
Mylot caters to all strata of society. The important and significant feature is it is not classified like other forums. In other forums, it is classfied as EARNING MONEY, FAMILY, PETS, RELATIONSHIP ETC. ETC. Here it is all mixed and no one feels bored because the next topic is entire different category altogether. But as far as payments are concerned, the mylot payments are far less than others. But then, there is a valid point in support of mylot. Other forums come and go (e.g. payper post with 4 cents per posts did not last 3 months) and many others vanished. Whereas mylot stood solid for over 1 and a half years!!
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@jcj_111776 (3220)
• Philippines
25 Dec 07
I'm a member of another PTP site but compared to MyLot, it pales in comparison. Why? I don't know I just don't feel that enthusiastic when I'm at that site. It's like I'm just trying to push myself to the limit to make some posts so I can earn. And besides, it's like the North Pole there in terms of having friends. Well, that's just my opinion. Unlike here at MyLot, where I can chat with friends I have met. But in the other site, it's like we're robots. No warmth at all. The other site does pay but as I have said, it pales in comparison with MyLot. The look of the site itself looks "cold" and uninviting.
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
9 Dec 07
I think that mylot is the most popular forum as it is easy to handle with. It is not like the other forums that are difficult to understand. I love mylot for good. lol.
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
7 Dec 07
I haven't really yet either. I have tried other sites like mylot. Mylot is the only on that has paid me so far. I have been in here for over a year now.