"Money is sweeter than Honey"

December 6, 2007 1:10am CST
Hi guys I think this topic is very interesting to discuss. I think here honey represent happiness or beloved. so guys according to me there are no comparison between money and honey. if you have honey but no money you can't be happy. I am not saying that money is everythingbut to live your life happily money is very important and if you have money you can buy anything but you can't enjoy those things without honey. so guys both the things take a special place in our life. We can't be happy without any of them. So there is no comparison between money and honey.
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• India
1 Nov 08
in this 21st century money is the ruling factor.nobody would ever say NO to howmuchever money u get..money destroys ur self nd makes u greedy,breaks relationships,family values nd a lot more.on the other side money is very important for our sustenance nd it contributes a lot for bringing happiness ns sweetness in ur life.nd it is only with honey that u can enjoy this sweetness thereby live in a better way,in harmony.. concluding let me point out that each nd every thing in this universe has its own place nd value.all are interdependent nd nothing is omittable...so neither honey is sweeter than money nor money is sweetr than honey...but both r sweet.
@theprogamer (10539)
• United States
9 Dec 07
Maybe... I still think someone can take this too far though, requiring too much money from a potential honey. I see it plenty of times. Its better to place more value on the honey and not the money. With an equivalancy its almost like you approach the relationship with questions like "what can he do for me", "what can he buy for me". Its a bit disturbiing, and I think it reduces honey to another item... a means... to your ends.