Do you feel boring abour your accounting work?

December 6, 2007 6:49am CST
Every month you do the same thing,every day you only keep touch with datas.Little communication with other people.I will go mad.Who can tell me how can I find funny in my work? I am afraid I will no any creative ideas.
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• Australia
7 Jun 08
Hi, I'm an accountant and I have been feeling like that. Then I decided to change my career. I played a sales role for half of a year. I came back to the accountanting job finally, since I found it's really a stable job with good future. It was amazing when I came back. I found more interesting since I started to understand what's behind the accounting numbers. It could be not only a number crunching role, but the control of the business. When you think yourself the controller of the business you'll be more creative.
• China
8 Jun 08
Thank you for your suggestion.I will try to like my work maybe as you said I will find surprise.
• China
22 Dec 07
At frist ,you should keep good attitude for your will do better ,you will gain happiness. but you must like your work very much as