Harry potter

December 6, 2007 11:00am CST
In ur opinion what r the important factors behind the popularity of harry potter series books and films.
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@jsaidmlt (147)
• Malta
12 Jan 08
Important factors... 1. Magic + Fantasy 2. Contemporary not set in the past like Lord of The Rings (though LOTR is also great) 3. Characters grew from children to men+women 4. Fun, adventure ec
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@Ohara_1983 (4120)
• Kuwait
13 Jan 08
Actaully Horry Potter is good for the child, they can take a lesson to this movie. lot of thing that you can learn about this movie even the book. i love to read the book even i watch also all harry potter movies.
@mjweed21 (693)
• Philippines
14 Jan 08
I guess, it is the author of the book who made this book series very popular. For the reason that her prowess in writing had brought life to Harry Potter. The characters were artfully presented that if you happen to read the book, surely you can't forget the characters. She (Rowling) gave life to these characters that people had been thinking if those characters are actually existing.
@Wario_1 (969)
• Sweden
13 Jan 08
I like them, some of the movies i find to childish for me but i still like the books alot. If i have to be critical i am not so fond of the sometimes overusage of magics in the Harry Potter world, still its a part of their everyday life. Its nice to follow Harry and his friends during their time at Hogwarts, you get to know the characters. Haven't been reading them for awhile, but i will probably do that after i fininsh reading what i am currently reading.
• India
13 Jan 08
Well i believe that this book series has become more famous because of the movie version for the book and the actors who describe the characters beautifully and portray them magnificently...
@corilat (182)
• Australia
13 Jan 08
I personally love the series - so am biased! I think they are just so cleverly written. They're very engaging, full of suspense, twists and turns, and fantasy, I like that they are the kind of fantasy based on real things (witches and wizards of the middle ages) and that they're set in our time in a way that it 'could' be true, if you know what I mean -it's possible. It's a very fun world and makes you want to be there, the books let you imagine in the fantastic world she created. They have very real characters... And there's also the idea that with all these positive things about it, the fact that they are already popular makes them more popular as more and more people found out about it and got into the story - like a chain reaction. That's my opinion anyway! :)
6 Dec 07
I think that the Harry Potter series book and films are so popular because there is a big business behind it. Personally, I don't like this as I don't like Harry Potter ...
• United States
6 Dec 07
I personally can't stand the books or movies so it just blows my mind why people have made JK Rawlings so rich on her books. I don't like what the story is about, and I think they are too childish for me to read. But if you like them, more power to you.