How will you know if your partner is cheating on you?

December 6, 2007 6:37pm CST
If his usual look before is different now. Like, when he is not using a perfume. Now, he is. Or, when he always smile and hiding while talking through his cellphone.
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• China
7 Dec 07
If your parter is cheating on you there must be something abnormal.And you can find the most abvious evidence from your parter's since there is a saying " eyes are the windows of soul".
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• United States
7 Dec 07
Smiling when talking on the phone? Heck, if that's a sign, then I guess my subconscious is cheating because I smile all the time. Cheaters display some signs, but not all of them do. Some men and women are so good at deception that they can do what they want, lie about it and no one ever knows the difference. Some signs are: leaving the cell phone in the car or turning it off or turning the ringer down when they are with you to avoid you seeing a call from someone else, strange charges on a credit card statement, getting a PO Box to receive mail in rather than having it sent to the home, absences from work or from home that are not explained at all or not explained well, mood swings, yelling, failure to pay bills on time and a few others. Again, not every person exhibits these signs. Some will exhibit all of them and then some, but there are some great liers out there who will do whatever they want and it doesn't bother them.
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