Have you ever sat on the death bed of a dying Christian?

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December 6, 2007 9:51pm CST
So many people nowadays say "Offer me proof that there is a God". Although there are many proofs, history being backed by archeology for instance being one of them, to me, the proof is seeing a loved one die that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that when they pass, that they will be "absent from the body, and present with the Lord". So I'm asking you as Christians to post your stories, either from your own experience or from others, for those who doubt the existance of heaven. I offer a few examples: My mother in law was a Christian, when she was in her 30's she got a brain tumor and they had to remove 1/2 of her brain. She became as a child and had to learn to walk and talk, etc... all over again. She lived another 53 years. On her deathbed (she was semi-catatonic)she rallied just enough to point to the ceiling and said "Look" with the biggest and brightest smile I had ever seen on her face, then she died. For those 53 years she had no concept of God or of having been a Christian, but to me at her death she saw something heavenly, of this I have no doubt! Another story is that if a friend of mine who got cancer. On his deathbed his last words were "I see Jesus" then he died. Yet another friend who had Leukemia. On his deathbed he asked those gathered around him if they could see all the people standing there dressed in white? Then he died. I could go on and on with more stories but you get the idea. My Pastor also shared a story with the congregation about a man who he had tried on numerous accounts to win to Christ. Needless to say he never came to know Christ as Savior, his deathbed glimpse into the afterlife wasn't such a pleasant story. Lets just say he experienced a tremendous heat before he died. Please join with me to show a lost and dying world that there is a heaven to be gained through faith in Christ.
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7 Dec 07
Sadly yes I have sit by the bedside of a person dying with cancer who had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.Such peace was there knowing that soon they was awaiting thier home comming.
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