Shoulder Problems

@pree70 (525)
December 7, 2007 3:01am CST
The problem with my shoulder started from my medical transcription days, where i got to use the computer placed in an unscientific manner. it's table was too high or the chair was too low or something. anyway, in around 6 months, my shoulder started protesting. after about an year or so, i left the job, but my pain stayed on. these days, i am into active blogging. i just can't keep away from airing my views through the internet. Recently, i got into Mylot and it has only deepened my addiction. Even though i use a laptop these days, and see that i sit in the prescribed manner, my shoulder still aches. It is a sort of uneasiness which starts on one side of my neck and radiates down through my shoulder to my arm. sometimes, the area feels numb. I do stick to my neck exercises, but to no avail. Massaging the area gives a little comfort. Can anybody be of some help to me???
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