on government, on rent and deposits

@eliezl (766)
December 7, 2007 4:27am CST
i have detested the philippine government these days. include the people in politics as well. its been chaotic. what's worst is that they weren't much help at all. although there might be some improvement but majority of them are corrupt anyways. plus, issues especially those pertaining to barangays and some minor problems aren't taken seriously. i detested the barangays as well. they aren't much help to people's problem in the area at well. this pertains to the problem ive had with a landlady who refused to give back the deposit ive made. naturally when you rent, landladies or landlords require u to pay deposit for their own security and safety purposes, however, when its time to leave the place and ull now claim for the deposit, they will provide you with many excuses even after you have paid on time and has been very responsible. i pertain this to LUCY MOMONGAN in Cebu City living in ZAPATERA. I have reported the issue to the barangay in ZAPATERA, i've provided my receipts of my rent but that complaint has been left unattended, coz even they, government officials can't control and help the rights of the people. I have waited for 3 long months already for my deposit which haven't been consumed yet to be given back. Ive also tried all legal means but to no avail. overall this goes to prove that government officials are useless. they are corrupt and cant be trusted at all.. they should all just go to hell..all they care is their own money, own safety when they could have helped many people from the money they steal on people's taxes being paid every month, every year. DAMN the Philippine government! Damn u LUCY MOMONGAN To those who wish to board in Cebu Beware of this old hag named Lucy Momongan She'll sweet talk you into living in her cat-pooped smell house! and demand high rent pay!!!
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