fathers who do not want to support their ligitimate children

August 14, 2006 8:26am CST
It is my belief that they should support their children. No matter what they have they should let the child have something, as a little is better than nothing. Fathers are as equally responsible for bringing children into the world as mothers but in Jamaica the man is normally the one who pays maintenance for the children even though the laws are changing. The funniest thing though is that normally when they do not support the kids, and the mother has to struggle with them and they become successful, the fathers are always the ones to boast about their success. How do children honour parents like these, when the bible teaches that children must honour the parents that their days may be long upon the earth.
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@amiksinha (1961)
• India
28 Sep 06
i agree with u
@brentjh (679)
• Namibia
14 Aug 06
I think it should be made law. If you have children both parents have to support them untill they are 18. Even if they are divorsed. I think that any parent who runs off the easy way of not supporting their children should be punished by law!
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
14 Aug 06
Man should work with his wife to help bringing up their children. Of course, according to convenience, they can share the work and together they can achieve the success - bringing up children. Children also appreciate participation by both mother and father in their endeavours. This feeling will help children reciprocate by doing similar things to their children. This will lead to a healthy society.