I start a new job today!:)

United States
December 7, 2007 7:02am CST
I got a new job i know its not much its only at taco bell, but everywere else wanted to pay my minimum wage,and well taco bell offerd more pay soooo i start today! and my child goes to day care today for the first time in her life:( i am scared! but i know she can tell me if someone hurts her, wich it is a private daycare and i dont think thatw ill happen, BUT im excited because now ill beable to afford christmas for my little one:) and il beable to pay my bills up AND i just got my little ones life insurance plan:D...right now its 30.000 but by the time she is 21 it will be 60.000 sooooo 21 should be about the age she would graduate college,she could use that to move if she needs to,to find somthing in her career. or but a big payment on a house! or also you are allowed to take so much out at certin times,i beleive we could even put some towards her college.. either way im excited because i know i will have done somthing this good for her and only for 20 dollars a month!! you should check into,,gerber is awsome! anyways.im off now to go get ready:D wish me luck...~HUGS~ ~*britt*~this exsact building is were ill be:) veary classy for a tacobell i think its brand new.lol
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@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
21 Mar 08
Hi there MikesWifey! Congratulations on your new job! I hope that God will send you more blessings and bless your plans too. I can understand how nervous you are about your child's first day in daycare.
• United States
21 Mar 08
Thank you,thank you. ive been there for almost 5 months now:).and my little girl loves daycare. she had a great start. a rough middle but now shes good... thank you for reponding:)
@ky1119 (699)
• United States
7 Dec 07
There's nothing wrong with working at taco bell. I worked there for a couple of years, and to be honest.. I loved it! The only reason I left was to take a better paying job. Don't worry about getting sick of the food. I still crave it and I ate it 5-6 days a week for more than two years!
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