why do you smoke?

December 7, 2007 7:35pm CST
We all have heard people say im a smoker, I cannot quit and I can't live without a light. Smoking is not a sweet, cool vice to start. Yet why do people start smoking? I have never liked smoking before, yet I can't quit once I started it. I still remember how I hated my colleagues whenever I smell their smoke. Most of the people started smoking due to psychological or emotional reasons. It is not like saying "I want to start smoking" and then you start. Me for myself, I turned into smoking, though I dont want it, when my first bf left me and I thought I was pregnant. My circle of comforting friends, which turned to be bad influences later, were all smokers and occassional drinkers. So, in order for me to "survive" and be alive, I walked where they walked. So just to have a company which was a big mistake. So for those who would want to start - DO NOT DO IT! It may be because you wanted to be accepted in a group, or you dont want to be told your not cool, but these are just traps. Once you get in, its hard to find your way out. Also dont start w/ being an occassional smoker. If you do, you'll realize one day that you can't last a day w/o lighting one. Should you need any advices on your personal problems, i can help w/ some. Just, please, dont start smoking.
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@jowwwe (25)
• India
25 Dec 07
i am a chain smoker for about 5 years but few days back i was thinking of its evil effects and i decided to stop it but i could not make it on my way... sorry mom
• United States
8 Dec 07
Well i started smoking years ago because a friend of mine smoked and she offerd me one,i didnt want to be un cool so i did...and well ive been smoking ever since im 21:( and tryn to quit..but i know i can do it:D