"Is there a need to please others?"

December 7, 2007 7:54pm CST
This not actually pleasing others but the key is to be a good natural person... It's not long before a great deal, but when I started working,I have felt how it takes to be in an environment where everyone is watching your move and listening to whatever you have to say. Then, you must be careful in everything you do and check every word you utter. This is really ridiculuos! It takes great and superb effort to stay afloat with that kind of environment. But,in a certain point of time, that must be stopped! You will not gain anything about being so unnatural. Be the best of what you truly are. Don't live a life of superstitious nature. Instead, keep on doing good and please those who really counts. Who cares if you're not perfect. No one is! At the end, you will be judged by how much good you've done and not how much pleasing you have made. "Is there a need to please to others?" Just be sincere in everything. ;)
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8 Dec 07
i feel the need to please my god,,when i please him he is most happy with me and thats all i want from my god.."people" to me there is not really a "need" to do it, but i feel better baout myself when i can please others as well as my god