Now what was wrong with my discussion about "The what if Mylot would close"

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December 7, 2007 8:40pm CST
Now 34 people answered this discussion and I know at least one moderator did too ..what was wrong with it..can anyone tell me..It was beautiful to read the loyalty of mylotters..I think this post deleting is getting too out of hand..I Think someone was just jealous..and dont deserve to be a moderator! And if this gets shot down be it!!
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
9 Dec 07
It was rather depressing to me. I do not think you should think of the worse that would happen because myLot is one of those forums or sites that must never close. There are things that are started that have to continue because they fill a gap that made it hard for people to communicate. Many people here on myLot have issues that they were unable to relate except through a cloak of anonymity. If they go to a psychiatrist, they risk the disapproval on his face or that someone might secretly bug his office. If they go to their priest, they risk that someone might hear the confession, and they cannot talk to another person because what if they ran into him years later. Oh and moderators should not abuse a post, just to prove that they are moderators. That is wrong.
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10 Dec 07
You say that but you had your input there.
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8 Dec 07
How do you know which one was a moderator?
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8 Dec 07
I know the person..and I know there are others..I just think it's infantile and an abuse of power..There were many response and none were one line responses..People really opened up to show how much they loved mylot ..saying even if it closed they would keep on posting... I would never leave mylot due to funds or money..but if the deleting keeps up I may !
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11 Dec 07
I am new here; but, I guess things happen because while it may appear nice; someone somewhere took offense. I am sorry to hear that your discussion is erased. I think you are a nice person.