we are being watched/observed???

December 7, 2007 9:00pm CST
is the human race being observed like rats in a cage? we are a science experiment? every watched the ending to MIB with will smith is that us are we some aliens plaything? like ants in a childs an colony?
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• China
16 Dec 07
yeah! i lso love free! i hate anyone to control of me including my parents! so i always do somethings that on the contrary of what them tell me to do! good luck
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@icer01 (30)
• Australia
8 Dec 07
That's an interesting thought. I don't think we're a 'science experiment' since that's a human-type thinking. It sounds sort of like what some religious people think about God/s, actually. Like God, you can't really prove that the above isn't true, even though it most likely isn't.
@KrauseHome (35522)
• United States
14 Dec 07
Personally to me, I do not think that we are like Rats in a Cage. I think we all will have our own choice to make in life what will happen to us, and for us. And since I am a Christian, these thought never enter my mind either. We are in control of what happens with us, and our destiny.
• Indonesia
16 Dec 07
yes you rite
• India
16 Dec 07
no no we are not science experiments we are human being which are given by god. that's it
• Pakistan
8 Dec 07
Everybody has a different belief. What i believe is GOD has sent us all for a purpose and you must seek for the purpose to get back to GOD.