my son's birthday is tomorrow

United States
December 8, 2007 12:56am CST
My youngest son is turning 8 tomorrow and is so upset that his Dad will not be here to be with him. Dad, being my husband, not his real father. I asked him to write me out a list of the things he was wanting and he came out with a list that said i don't want anything but for my Dad to be home with us. it just about broke my heart. my youngest has such a good heart and i pray he never looses that. Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest. don't have anyone but you guys on here to help me. alot of you understand this and it really helps to be able to talk to all teh friends i've made here on mylot. God bless you all!
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• India
8 Dec 07
Happy Birthday to Junior. Let hmi have many more happy birthdays in his life.
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@dbmax41 (585)
• United States
24 Dec 07
Tell him your husband has the most important job for the US. Im sure hes not old enough to feel the honor or importance but many Americans do. I for one. I served in the 82nd Air bourne years ago and saw first hand the tough training and importance of our military. Happy late birthday young man.
• United States
27 Dec 07
Thanks so much! I have told him that and he is very proud of his dad, he just wants him home and doesn't understand why the Army keeps him away so long, but he's only 8. I have sat down with him and explained to him though that his dad is very proud of serving our country and that he's there to make sure no one comes here to hurt not only his family, but everyone else's as well. I think he's coming around to understanding why he's there, just maybe not the length thing. thank you again so much and thank you, as well, for your service. You are to be commended. God bless you and your family
@taorufei (38)
• China
22 Dec 07
happy birthday to your son !for bielive in jesus ,we have the real love and silence and happy ! god bless you and your family !
• United States
22 Dec 07
Thank you...we do believe in Jesus and with that does come real love and happiness. God bless you and your family as well
• China
9 Dec 07
You are a great mother!It warms my heart to read the paragraph!May each hour be a happy one on this special day!
• United States
11 Dec 07
Thank you so much...he had a wonderful birthday and got to talk to his Dad on the phone, so it made him feel so much better. Thanks to all of you that have been so great on here. God bless!