Invest to rich

December 8, 2007 2:40am CST
The only way to get rich is to invest. Grow rich by thinking with your money breeding
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• South Korea
30 Dec 07
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@sungat (1016)
• Pakistan
24 Dec 07
give me the link i would like to join it
@Ngippol (567)
• Philippines
10 Dec 07
I would strongly disagree with you when you say the only way to get rich is to invest. There are so many ways: being married to a rich person; winning the lottery; bank robbery; starting a business; inheritance; etc. Investing is not a guarantee that you will be rich. Expand your horizon, and you can see other avenues to get rich - legally!!!
@esteria (396)
• India
8 Dec 07
i should ask u where do u think people should invet rather than using such a rough and diplomatic word.