Thoughts on Being KIND

December 8, 2007 8:00am CST
It has always been a practice of mine to perform random acts of kindness. Whenever I am, wherever I am, Somebody is urging me to buy some snacks for the trisikad driver, to help someone that I see on the street, a beggar, etc. I don’t do it all the time, but I try to do it whenever I get the prompting. And through Christianity Today, I learned about Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) movement. It’s a good thing and like their key verse about not letting other people know what you are doing and not telling others who you are, I would like to be able to start that movement in my city. Leaving notecards may not really be applicable here, especially among street kids, but I always believe that a simple act of kindness will pay off in the end. Probably a child has never experienced kindness and love from his parents and sees the world in a dim light, a simple act of kindness would never be forgotten. This is what I hope to achieve. And hopefully, this recipient will also learn to pay it forward. I believe that despite the meanness of a person, there is a kind heart that just wasn’t tapped before. Being a recipient of kindness will tap that gray heart and make it alive. I have so many experiences already about following my heart’s prodding and having the joy of people’s faces light up. Whether I get repaid in this world is not what matters. It is not about getting back my money’s worth in investing in good acts, it is about obedience. Others may think it is crazy to help in such ways, but what is crazy in the Lord’s sight?
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@Ngippol (567)
• Philippines
8 Dec 07
Helping someone in need from your heart will always be cherished and treasured. Don't stop doing kindness to anyone. Anyway, you have another dream of starting a worthwhile endeavor. Don't scatter your dreams, narrow it down to the best choice as the Lord leads you, concentrate on it and take necessary action to accomplish it. Take one action at a time!
• Philippines
9 Dec 07
thanks ngippol. thanks for supporting my dream. :-) God bless you! :-)