Looking at photography books today..

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United States
December 8, 2007 9:27pm CST
I was at the bookstore for a long time today, (like i do about once a week) then i became obsessed by just one subject (as i usually do). I was looking at lots of books on photography, digital cameras, computer programs for photos, color, black and white pics etc... now I want to get a camera and takes lots of pics. Does this happen to you too or just me? do you get obsessed too easily also?
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• China
9 Dec 07
Hi,there cliffcliff, Me too,haha, I will easily attracted by something special when I am in the library,Normally I will go to the library every day,sometimes I will be obsessed by some beautiful clothes some cellphones..etc,but most of the times I am attracted by the words of the artcle,and what I am really admired is that the author's command of language.....;-) Molly....;-)
• United States
9 Dec 07
Yes, same way for me also, I always see new subjects especially in the ART section. Sometimes I am an artist. I make my money by selling books online the internet from my apartment at the moment, therefore I see lots of books and keep many for myself too, hehe bye!