Are indian selector justified in their actions?

December 9, 2007 4:51am CST
From some time I have started thinking the way indian selectors work and choose the indian cricket team. The way they select players have always been in question. Good players are always kept on the sidelines whereas their so called favourites get into the team. Take Yauraj case for example. He has been playing good cricket for some time. Even we have won 20-20 because of him and Dhoni. Still he was kept out of test sqad. And now look he got the chance because others were ill and he proved himself in a big way 169. I do not know how the selectors are going to react on it. They must be angry with him rather then giving him a pat on the back. But yuvraj do not worry we indians are with you. Keep performing and you will make your way to Austrilia.
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